Last Minute Thanksgiving Pep Talk



This is it sister. The Big Day. With only 3 more days till Thanksgiving… it’s almost GO TIME.

Here’s our pep talk to get through Thursday in the best (emotional and relationship wise) way possible.


What are you waiting for, sister? Get a move on! Whatever that looks like for you. If you’re hosting, blessings upon us, do not let the sun go down tonight without your big grocery shopping done. In the pantry, in the fridge, done.  The biggest time waster during the holidays is shopping during peak hours with the mass of humanity. You use up all your “good will to all men (and women)” by navigating busy store aisles and waiting in long check out lines. If at all possible, be there when the store opens and soar through your list. God bless 24-hour groceries and Wal-Mart. If you’re going to be a guest, do it right. Show up with a small token of your appreciation (hopefully a yummy side dish or dessert) and lead the charge in clean up duties. TIP: Don’t bring anything that requires extra work for the hostess: flowers not in a vase, food that needs a serving dish or worse yet, still needs to be cooked. #dontbethatperson



Make 10:00pm your bedtime for the next 3 nights. It is hard to get aggravated at a turkey or your in laws when you are well rested. And, in case, you haven’t heard…sleeping less than 7 hours a night (or day for my fellow nurses!) is as harmful to your health as smoking! We all handle the big and small stresses of life when the sleep tank isn’t empty.  Zzzzzzz



Most decent folks are waiting for a job assignment and may have already asked. Take them up on it. There are no awards for being a one-woman show. Don’t rob others for their chance to shine: almost 40 years later, I still miss my Aunt Mary’s coleslaw at Thanksgiving. There is enough gratitude for a job well done to go around to multiple cooks. Enlist someone to greet guests at the front door and take coats, put ice in glasses, call folks to the table, etc. If people don’t ask for a job, give them one anyway. No HO’s (hang oners) for Thanksgiving!



The hostess sets the tone for the day. If you are happy and relaxed, chances are most of your family/guests will be too. Some families like to go around and share one thing they are thankful for, or what the best part of the past year has been for them. THANKFULNESS is the order of the day (just like it should be everyday). If conversations get tense, be ready with: “and that’s enough of that!” or “move on, please” or “how about those Ravens?” Your house. Your rules. Don’t let anyone get belittled or bullied at your table. #notonmywatch



This is the hard one. In most families, all the non-perfect ones, like ALL OF THEM…there can be the potential for hurt. This is a natural time that families start discussing past hurts or holiday schedules and tensions can arise if one feels slighted for Christmas. (Or so I’ve been told.) If you start feeling upset, or slighted, try delaying the conversations and decisions for a few days till you can get your thoughts in order and practice your words so they don’t sting. Most of us are not our best “off the cuff” and can regret later words said in the heat of a discussion.

Remember these wise words:

 “If possible, so far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.”

                                                                                                                Romans 12:18


I hope this gives you permission to relax and focus on the important things that these next few days hold. Let me remind that you don’t have to do all the Hallmark stuff. They didn’t come to see your house or how beautiful your table and serving dishes look.


They came for you.


And food.


And family.


And maybe football.


And that’s the best reason for Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving…go and be a blessing!



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4 Responses to Last Minute Thanksgiving Pep Talk

  1. Pam Chafin says:

    Sweet article

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  2. Cathy Potter says:


  3. Diane Tolley says:

    And stretch! Don’t forget to stretch! 🙂

  4. Haralee says:

    Gorgeous table setting. Sound advice. Happy Thanksgiving!

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