About Me

Hey there! So glad you’re here, I’m Stephanie-

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend.

I’m also a gardener, nurse, traveler, storyteller.

I am knee deep into the half-time of life, learning to adjust to an empty nest, a growing family with in laws and grandkids, while having hot flashes and finding my place amongst the “big moments” in this season of life.

I’m a Jesus follower….can’t imagine walking this life apart from His presence. I love peace and crave purpose and in knowing Jesus I have come to have both.

I live on a farm in Maryland that has a big porch where I’d love to invite you for a glass of tea and we can swap stories.


Hope you’ll join me!


I am also a life and spiritual coach for midlife gals who are either struggling in life transition or excited to explore what possibilities could be ahead of them. You can find more about that part of my life at http://www.moveyourmindup.com or on Instagram at Move Your Mind Up.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Kim C Ill says:

    Love your blog. I found myself laughing & crying. I want to curl up on your porch with sweet tea, and just be.

Please follow me and come sit on my porch!

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