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I met with a couple of my friends last week. Our usual over- coffee chitchat made a derisive turn toward the serious as we wandered into a discussion about feeling stuck in our place in life. With kids grown, we … Continue reading

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My Girls

Last week I was visiting my family in GA, and one day my sisters and I went with our dad to the Senior Center to see him and a few of his friends pick guitars and sing.  Our dad has … Continue reading

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Forever Friends (Part 2)

Let’s finish our conversation from the last post on the topic of women’s friendships.  Most women agree that having a group of friends or even one close friend increases the quality of our lives. At the very least, she gives … Continue reading

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Forever Friends (Part 1)

This was the first song I learned in Brownies: “Make new friends, but keep the old, One is silver And the other gold.” I dropped one of my lifelong friends at the airport after a long weekend visit. We sat … Continue reading

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My Happy List

My happy list…the short list of things that bring me big fleeting moments of joy. They make me thankful whenever I encounter them and brighten my mundane everyday life. So here goes: The stuff that makes me smile lately (in … Continue reading

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Stinkbugs 2.0

Stinkbugs 2.0 Also known as the “kinder, gentler annihilation” has been deferred due to change in weather patterns that have temporarily interrupted the stinkbug population. We had a 30 degree drop in the temps from what we had over the … Continue reading

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My Mother Myself

We have just returned from visiting our son in Arizona. This was the first time that we have been houseguests in his home. And I’ll tell you- it was straight up weird. Not because of him. He was welcoming and … Continue reading

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