Stinkbugs 2.0

Stinkbugs 2.0

Also known as the “kinder, gentler annihilation” has been deferred due to change in weather patterns that have temporarily interrupted the stinkbug population. We had a 30 degree drop in the temps from what we had over the weekend when I was gearing up for the experiments and killing about 40 stinkbugs a day…the old fashioned way-catching them in an empty water bottle.

I’m sure they are out in the barn or under the siding, regrouping for the next wave of attacks. Which according to son # 2 will be when the weather is colder and the house warms up. With the outside temperature being close to what it is inside the house that makes sense. Rest assured that I am armed and ready and will report the findings of my scientific study in due course.

For the record, at this point the only ones that I care about the ones that I see IN my house. I don’t look for them outside, but son # 2 (my partner in all things stinkbugs since he has a vested interest in their demise-his wife is horrified of them) came over the other day and he went down to our cellar and came up saying that the entire inside of the door was covered with them.

Nary a one of them has been there in the past 4 days.

Son #3 was helping me in the attic (AKA stinkbug Club Med) last week and he went to take a Rubbermaid container down that was stacked 3 high and we found a HUGE colony of the stinkbugs clumped together hanging out. We were having unseasonably warm weather and our attic is extra hot due to it being a 200-year-old farmhouse and although we have made huge strides in insulation…the attic still is a furnace in the summer.

Since the attic is a stinkbug hotspot (no pun intended) many of the 2.0 experiments will be tested there, in hopes that there will be no surprises when I take down the Christmas decoration boxes.

But honestly, if 2.0 doesn’t work (remember it’s the kinder, gentler, GREENER alternative), 3.0 will commence.

Without guilt.

So, I hope no one is disappointed with my not having the results of the experiments. Two of the measures were tested fully, but I will report all findings when the data is complete.

I’m on it.


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1 Response to Stinkbugs 2.0

  1. Kim C Ill says:

    I spray those buggers with My solution of Dawn & water. Kills those suckers. I think we should send them all to’ “The Hill ” in DC.

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