My Happy List

My happy list…the short list of things that bring me big fleeting moments of joy. They make me thankful whenever I encounter them and brighten my mundane everyday life. So here goes: The stuff that makes me smile lately (in no particular order)

Ben and Jerry’s Liz Lemon Fro Yo. It’s almost ice cream. It’s definitely lemon with a little blueberry swirl. Lemon + blueberries=needIsaymore? IMG_1022 Skinny Jeans. Who knew a non-skinny person could actually pull theses off?? With the help of my sisters and encouragement from my nieces (and oversized shirts and boots) this is actually a good look for me. Us over 50’s gals delight any time we get to say those 5 words…a good look for me. Bring on the cold weather!

Evolve Bleach Tablets. I’m a laundry fanatic. It stems from all the times my mom quoted my nanny (and that would be my grandmother-not a caregiver) saying “You can tell how a woman keeps her house by looking at her laundry.” I quit hanging stuff on a line eons ago, and if I hadn’t, the stinkbugs would have ended it now. So imagine my delight when my sister told me about these chlorine tablets that replace the liquid, splattering, clothes ruining bleach, I became a believer. Do I sound bitter? Maybe its because the liquid stuff ruined one of my favorite shirts and my new bathing suit cover up. Revenge baby. IMG_1027 Mac Book Pro. I’m in love. After spending all of my adult life as a PC, I am in the process of converting to an Apple user in all things. It would have been much cooler for me to have switched 10 years ago, but I just couldn’t do it….all those files organized on my PC. My Mac Book is the smartest thing I have ever owned. I am more than just a little intimidated by it and at least once a week I can be found at the Apple Store in the Christiana Mall in Delaware at the help desks. It’s the place where all the Sr. citizens (and almost senior citizens) go to let the 20 year olds teach us how to use these powerful instruments. I always learn something…like last week…I learned that the two 70 + year old ladies at my table were working on building a video. I was trying to download Adobe Flash Drive correctly. Can you spell “humiliated”? IMG_1023 Parenthood TV Series. This came highly recommended to me by two fellow Elder’s wives so I blame them for making me love this show which sometimes has a lack of morality that is disappointing, yet I’m hooked. I love it cause it shows a real family—3 generations– that centers around 4 adult siblings interactions with each other. We see them keep each other accountable for choices they make as they show great love and forgiveness. (And if any of my kids is reading this….I want to dance in the kitchen while doing clean up on Thanksgiving like these folks do. That’s REAL love!IMG_1026 Orange Gerber Daisies. These have me singing the praises of genetic engineering! New to our area this year, my favorite flower in my favorite color…I’m loving it! IMG_1024 Ikea Tea Towels. If you spend a considerable time in the kitchen, you get to appreciate products that are dependable and do a great job. That describes these simple white (with red border) towels. 100% cotton, soft and absorbent. Their official name is TEKLA and they keep them near the exit. This is important information so that you don’t actually have to enter this crazy mixed up store full of weird products with even weirder sounding names. Better yet, order online. IMG_1021 There you have it…my happy list …for now. It’s the little things really, right?

What’s on your happy list?



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8 Responses to My Happy List

  1. Kristen says:

    LOVE parenthood!! And you in skinny jeans!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    I will be picking up those towels next time I am at ikea. I love ikea

  3. Janis Hawkins Summers says:

    Love your blog – can’t wait to try out some of the tips! I’m enjoying my backporch as often as I can find the time. Keep up the writing – you have the knack!

    • Stephanie says:

      Janis! So great to hear from you! How are you these days? Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

      • Janis Hawkins Summers says:

        These days, am trying to negotiate the trials of retirement. After working the last 35 years, it’s tough to wind it down to a more reasonable pace! But – have made it my mission to learn. lol. Kids raised and out of college, on their own. Now that I don’t go “to the office” on a daily basis, am spending time improving my piano skills, riding horses more often, wrapping up house & farm projects that have been in the works for ages, and teaching a unique kind of Tuesday morning Bible study. It’s not everything on my Bucket List, but it’s a good start!

      • Stephanie says:

        Sounds like a wonderful full life!

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