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Can You Hear Me Now?

As a matter of fact, I can’t. At least from the phone at my 91 year old mother in law’s farm next to us. She’s been having intermittent issues with her home phone for several months now especially when we … Continue reading

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Mama Coma

I’m finally waking up from a “mama coma”. Here’s what I mean by that: I feel like I am coming out of the post holiday stupor (not the one supposedly caused by too much turkey) when I had my family … Continue reading

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Post about Post

It’s post holiday clean up, post accident that totaled my car, post nephew’s wedding in Georgia. And it’s only the middle of January. While 2 of those things were wonderfully anticipated events, all of them left a degree of post … Continue reading

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Downton Abbey

So, last night I turned on the season premier of Downton Abby, poured myself a spot of tea and settled into a comfy chair to watch one of the most widely anticipated moments in woman world. I admit it. I’m … Continue reading

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Snow Daze

I am snow crazy. Weird, right?  A middle-aged woman who gets giddy about the mere mention of snow. While those around me gripe and complain…I get a silly grin on my face and start planning my snowbound days.  I never … Continue reading

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