Snow Daze

I am snow crazy.

Weird, right?  A middle-aged woman who gets giddy about the mere mention of snow. While those around me gripe and complain…I get a silly grin on my face and start planning my snowbound days.


 I never have to make those frantic trips to the store for milk, bread and toilet paper because, living out away from the masses…I keep a steady supply during winter months of anything I might need in case of an unexpected snopacolypse.


That’s the word our forecasters used last year, when they forecasted a monster storm that completely passed us by. Schools and businesses closed in anticipation. Not one flake.


Happily, we got about 6 inches of snow last night and the temps are plummeting. I have a fire in the wood stove in the kitchen and one roaring in the family room and soup simmering on the stove. My kind of day…if it has to be cold, let there be snow.

But yesterday, as I was out doing my “pre storm” errands, I was in a store talking with my friend Beth and an older lady I did not know. We got to talking about the storm coming and about how we were due for some bad weather since we have had several years with mild winters, when all of a sudden this woman says:

Woman: “Febuary 3rd.”  (Said with a nod of foreknowledge.)  “I’m not supposed to say anything, but February 3rd is going to be a monster blizzard.”


Me: ”You’re not supposed to say? What is it–a secret?”

Woman: “Well…” (Silence, but sporting a cat that swallowed the canary look.)

Me: “Is this from an almanac?”

Woman:  “Well….of sorts.”

Me: “Well, those things are hardly right.”

But still….we live in an area of the country that is known for secrets (at least until that Snowden guy) so I get to wondering if she has some inside info. I have heard how the government can make it rain by dispersing stuff in clouds and visa versa, in an attempt to control favorable fighting conditions.

But I am a pretty big skeptic. More like-I basically don’t care.

However…Feb. 3rd

I’ve got my eye on you.





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1 Response to Snow Daze

  1. praisehim420 says:

    Beautiful pictures. No wonder you love it so.

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