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The Ministry of Chicken Pot Pie

I come from a long line of comforters. Mostly through my mom’s side…the Simmons were/are great comfort – givers. My nanny, my mom, Aunt Paula and even the gals that married my uncles are great at dishing out love and … Continue reading

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Make the Most out of Summer

My pumpkins seeds arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m excited to get them planted so that I can have all the pumpkins that my heart desires in October. I love the fall!  But, then again, I love summer too. Except … Continue reading

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Starla’s Granola Bars

In honor of my upcoming beach trip with the Flakes, I have decided to post a couple of my favorite recipes from the gals. I have been going to the 30A in Florida with the Flakes on and off for … Continue reading

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I Resolve

 re·solve riˈzälv,-ˈzôlv/ verb  1. 
settle or find a solution to (a problem, dispute, or contentious matter) 2. 
decide firmly on a course of action.   It’s that time of year for casting off the old and looking forward to the … Continue reading

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Cookie Monsters

One of the things that I have not enjoyed cooking over the years are cookies.  I have always seen it as an unfulfilling task, because it doesn’t yield a good time expenditure vs lasting pleasure ratio. I’m all about the … Continue reading

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Talking Turkey

Ok, I’ll make this short. We’ve all got a crazy marathon week ahead of us and I know what you really need from me….a great idea for turkey left overs. And I’ve come through for you, sister! Trust me, this … Continue reading

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Sandy’s Salmon

I have decided to start posting some of my favorite recipes on my blog. Why, you ask? Well, a food category fits nicely on my blog sidebar since it starts with an “F”. But mostly because I like love to … Continue reading

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