The Ministry of Chicken Pot Pie

I come from a long line of comforters. Mostly through my mom’s side…the Simmons were/are great comfort – givers. My nanny, my mom, Aunt Paula and even the gals that married my uncles are great at dishing out love and encouragement. Many times we comfort through our words, acts of service, prayers and hugs. However, almost immediately, our thoughts go to, “What can I cook for them?”

It’s the curse of those of us who are comforted by food and therefore show love through cooking comfort food.

One of the first recipes I got from my Aunt Paula, a world-class Southern cook, is a tried and true, easy recipe for a delicious chicken pot pie. Emphasis on easy, double emphasis on delicious. It ranks as one of my mom and sister’s go to meals as well.

This dish is #1 son’s favorite meal, the one I have ready on his first night home. He has a predicable 3 helpings and then eats the leftovers for the next day’s lunch.

If there is any leftover, that is.

This has been my “go to” dish that I take to friends when they have sickness/ new baby/death in the family/down in the dumps/whatever ails them at the time for the past 30 plus years. This comfort dish is a no fail success every time. I had a girlfriend tell me once that it was worth having a baby just to get one of these pot pies brought into her house.

It’s that good.

It didn’t take long to learn to keep the ingredients for the chicken pot pie as staples in my pantry. Those items, as well as cooked chicken in the freezer, are always ready for whatever blessing/calamity come to those we love. The way our family has eaten chicken pot pie has changed over the years. First we paired it Waldorf salad, now we like it with a side of organic applesauce. Many years back, my dad started dousing his portion of chicken pot pie with Worchestshire sauce (nectar of the southern gods) and then #1 son took to doing the same.

Now we all do. Yum.

With the holiday’s coming up, it’s also an easy meal for those nights when you have to hurry out to school concerts and Christmas plays. It can be made the day before (except the crust) and put in the oven while you get everyone ready to head out the door.

I implore you to try it just once. You’ll be hooked and if you do have the opportunity to start your own ministry of chicken pot pie-you’ll thank me. (And Aunt Paula.)

Here’s the recipe for an 8 x 11 dish.


Aunt Paula’s Chicken Pot Pie

 In the bottom of a greased dish layer:

3 cups of cooked and cubed chicken breasts

Mix together:

1 can cream of chicken soup

1 can cream of celery soup

1 cup chicken broth (either reserved from the cooked chicken or store bought)

1 large can of peas and carrots (do not drain)

Pour over chicken.


1 cup of self rising flour (very important…don’t use plain flour)

1 cup of buttermilk

½ cup of melted butter or margarine

½ tsp black pepper

Mix this together and spoon over chicken mixture. Bake at 425 degrees for 40 minutes.




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