Post about Post

It’s post holiday clean up, post accident that totaled my car, post nephew’s wedding in Georgia.

And it’s only the middle of January.

While 2 of those things were wonderfully anticipated events, all of them left a degree of post fallout.

 Post holiday quickly left our bustling household quiet as one son headed to Europe to meet his new fiancé’s extended family, one off to south Georgia and the Everglades for some back country camping, and the married ones back to work. Alone I packed up the tree, stockings and wrapped up the Santas and Nativities.

I did all that while wondering what Christmas 2014 might look like…I have always been a planner (control freak) so I tend to project a lot.


The accident that totaled my car, was of course, unforeseen…but nonetheless is proving to have considerable post.  Including the first new vehicle that we have purchased since 1992 and I have to admit, I’m a little terrified of driving it.  Or more accurately getting rear- ended in it.


 My nephew’s wedding was a lot of fun. Or should I say, the wedding DAY was a lot of fun. When you are the family of the bride or groom, it’s not totally fun because of the “good” stress, both emotionally (on the mother’s side) and physically (all those around the mothers). So while there is great happiness at the joining of two great kids, the “ah –ha” of the celebration is somewhat lost on those who are a part of the making of the magic day. Unless, of course, you get to do all the prep days in new Stetson boots.


 Which is totally a game changer.

I digress.

I love the post wedding time, when the family reflects on the big day while the happy couple are honeymooning and the extended family are still together for another day or so. Those are holy moments.  All the stress memories are gone and the lasting ones rise like cream in the pail. (That’s how we talk on the farm.)

With such a large amount of post in such a short time I am looking forward to the next snow storm which is forecasted for sometime tomorrow.  I plan to pour a cup of tea, sit in front of my picture window and look to the future for a while. There are a lot of good things coming our way in 2014, like trips to AZ to visit son #1 and the wedding of our youngest son. I’m sure there will be lots of unforeseen not so great things as well. Such is life.

With the good and not so great, I pray I can face the post with faith, gratitude and a sense of humor.



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  1. Sommer Fisher says:

    I love these…and enjoy reading them immensely!!! XOXOXO

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