My Girls

Last week I was visiting my family in GA, and one day my sisters and I went with our dad to the Senior Center to see him and a few of his friends pick guitars and sing.  Our dad has been playing his guitar and singing our whole lives. That was what he did to unwind after a long day of work, and we used to sing with him…we knew his whole repertoire by heart.  Music was a big part of our lives, we all played piano, guitar and were in the band at school. My dad taught all 6 of his grandsons to play the guitar, and its really quite cool when we are all together and they play and sing. This is an old pic from vacation 2008, but brings back good memories:


 Anyhoo….on this day at the senior center-out of nowhere a karaoke machine appeared and we (my sisters and I) were hauled up front to sing with dad. Nobody would pick a song, so I picked an easy one….My Girl by Smokey Robinson and we sang and swayed for the crowd.

Too fun!

I love that song, and while it’s a love song, I like to think that it could be sang to daughters as well. My dad was belting it out to his 3 girls, for sure!

My hub and I have raised 3 boys/men. I grew up in a family of all girls, in a family that highly valued girls, so you can imagine my disappointment at having nary a one. It wasn’t for ribbons and dolls and all that little girl stuff. (Even though, some cruel person put my name on the American Doll catalog mailing list, just for spite I’m sure!)

What I really wanted was an adult daughter. That is the reward for all the whining and sassy teen years.  All for the chance to have a real companion and blessing in the second half of life.  Someone to share Thanksgiving meal preparation, take shopping and do lunch at places where they serve only chick food.

As my boys have grown into men and after several girlfriends have come and gone, we are settling into a place that I dearly love.  #2 son has been married for almost a year. #3 son has been in serious relationship for several years now, so I feel pretty confident that I have 2 daughter- in- laws in hand.

And I love both of them.

I have waited so long to do “adult daughter stuff” that you can imagine how I felt yesterday as my daughter- in -law and I met up at Starbucks for an impromptu hang out time.


I was excited to meet and catch up.  She is finishing up grad school and working so she stays pretty busy. And even though they live one farm down the road, and are over for dinner pretty often, it was nice to see her in town.

We did the usual “how’s your day been?” chitchat, then she started telling me about one of their friend’s blog. The gal had started while she was pregnant and at this point was a mom of a 6 week old. She has been blogging about the whole “new mom” experience- including sore nipples from nursing.

This led us into a conversation about bodily changes in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the natural birth vs. “givememyepiduralat7” discussion. As we were talking and I’m looking across the table at her, I realize that I am looking at the future mother of my grandchildren.

I got plum giddy.

Right there in Starbucks.

I was on such a “grandbaby high” that I scared myself.  It will be a couple of more years before they start a family. If I’m this way now, I’m going to have to be medicated when the real deal happens! I probably need to pace my excitement.

And while we will be overjoyed to get a boy to carry on the family name….you know what I’m pulling for…..

My girls



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2 Responses to My Girls

  1. says:

    Love It!

  2. Winnie Bosse says:

    Stephanie, I know that craving..they are a easy love…a fun love… and “what i wish I had done with my own kids, love….I cant wait til you get that kind of love!!!! Winnie

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