Well, hey there.

Hey there. Not “hello”. Not “hi”. Around our house we say, “hey”. It’s how we treat a close friend or someone we want to bring closer. That’s you, perhaps.

I’ve sat on the sidelines of blogdom for too long. I’ve read how all these young women (babies, really!) are sharing advice on topics such as recipes, decorating tips, parenting advice, etc.– as they build their young lives and homes. I have so many observations, but only one question: Why are there so few gals my age–walking (or stumbling some of the time) through the midlife maze, willing to put it out there? We haven’t come this far to keep what we’ve learned to ourselves, have we?

Those of us saying goodbye to kids leaving for college and weddings, dealing with nightly hot flashes, navigating newly empty nests and caring honorably for aging parents? Those of us who want to keep a sense of purpose and passion about life as we walk through these middle years?

I don’t know how one can really prepare for this half-time of life…the feelings of “in between” and “over too soon” and “but I really don’t feel 53!” all rolled into one body.

I do know that when I talk these feelings out with my gal pals walking this same journey, it lessens the load I feel. I stand up a little straighter and walk a little faster. I realize that my life is not half over…it’s still waiting for me to come leave my mark.

Nothing’s off the table–we can talk about hormones and headaches and husbands, in no particular order. And we can talk about life in general: what’s growing in your garden, what’s cooking, or places we have traveled or hope to visit. And lots about family!

In the Bible, there is a description of an ideal woman that has become a measure for godly women across the ages. It talks about all the wonderful things this woman can do: she rises early to care for her family, runs her own business, cares for the poor and needy, acts in beauty and confidence in her daily life. But of all the things this woman has accomplished that I love, there is something that she is able to do that I want with all my heart–it’s this:

* She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she is able to smile at the future.

Growing old is not for sissies. There are lots of opportunities to fear. I want to look ahead with peace and with a measure of joy for how far I’ve been allowed to come in this journey.

So consider yourself invited, to my big front porch, down a country road. Choose the swing or one of the two black rockers to sit in and let’s tell stories to encourage each other. And hey, maybe we can learn to smile at the future.

*Proverbs 31: 25


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7 Responses to Well, hey there.

  1. Tammy Williamson says:

    Oh Steph, I am going to enjoy this blog! You are speaking straight to me heart girlfriend! I have marked it as a favorite, first on the list :). Love you and praying for you as you and your family transition. Getting really tired of hearing that word… seems all my life is about right now. Love you, Tammy

  2. savannahsmile says:

    Thank you for these words, my friend. I feel less lonely this evening and ready to face tomorrow with renewed vigor!

  3. Nancy Wirth says:

    Finally…some advice from someone who has walked the road and is pondering what was learned on the journey (instead of just starting out and documenting every step on FB, Twitter and Instagram, ha!)

  4. cheri says:

    Love this, and love you! I’ve wondered the same thing… Where are the bloggers who share my season of life?! And here you are 🙂 catch ya later, running to grab an icepack. Lol

  5. Val Davis says:

    I love your writing! Filled with conversation & humor. Love you and thankful you continue to expand your life and not contract when it slaps you in the face.

  6. Pam says:

    You are my hero…and the wisest person I know! Let the next chapter begin! Xxoo

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