Kate Middleton and Me…..and Our Shawl

With all the news about the royal birth this week, I felt that it was time that I made public my connection with the Princess of Cambridge. It all started with a green shawl.

But first, I’d like to point out that Kate and I have a lot in common: we are both brunettes, we are both married to princes of a guy, we both are the “older” sister, and we both, as of this week, have first-born sons.

We also both have a shawl like the one she made famous (thanks to my bestie-a world class knitter who followed the PODCAST—yes, there was a PODCAST on how to knit Kate Middleton’s shawl –women all over the world started on the same day-knitting this shawl). Crazy, right?


See this shawl? There are sites on the internet devoted to this shawl…check it out. NOT JOKING!!!! Look for me, this fall, in the Shop Rite parking lot with the same outfit. I have a white V-neck shirt, black jeans and pearl drop earrings– I tell you the resemblance will be striking. Trust me.

The real story of the green shawl is a story of friendship.

Not me and Kate’s though. And while looking like Kate will be quite wonderful, most wonderful of all is the blessing of an amazing lifelong friend named Marlene.

One of the wonderful things about middle age is that you have the chance to look over large parts of your life and see how pieces from the past line up with the present. When you look through the eyes of a faith perspective–the goodness and faithfulness of God is mind blowing.

What I thought was only a fun college friendship marked by fits of laughter, midnight munchie runs and spending hours and hours in the East Tennessee mountains hiking and camping-was really a prelude to the truly important parts of my life.

I had no idea….God knew all along.

Her friendship made my big move to MD after college, not so scary-as I left all my family in the south. She introduced me to my hub, we had our babies together, homeschooled together-been through graduations (high school and college), showers, deployments (her son) weddings and hopefully grandbabies (she’s already got 2.5). We have served side by side at our church through countless VBS’s, youth ministry volunteers and in the missions ministry.

She and a few other close girlfriends stand in the gapping hole left by my not living close to my 2 precious sisters in GA–crossing over friendship into the realm of sisterhood.

We joke that we will be the old gray-haired ladies sitting in the back of the church together when we are 80.

She’ll be 81, of course.

While my bestie was knitting the shawl, I occasionally heard descriptions of the type of needle, the pattern name and the kind of wool blend she was using. All I heard was- “blah, blah, blah…and soon your shawl will be ready!” < woo-hoo!!>

You know you have a great friend when- she listens to the covetous in your voice as you describe something you want, and instead of reminding you of the tenth commandment she looks to see how she can help you get what you want!

You know you have a great friend when-everywhere she goes, she carries your blankity- blank- blank shawl with her- on vacation, to work, while she watches TV, etc.

You know you have a great friend when-all of her family can tell you exactly where she is in the knitting construction of the *&## shawl. (Apparently, the ruffle was made separate and then attached or something like that.)

You know you have a great friend when –she pours her knit and pearled life into something that you will treasure forever….because it’s beautiful, but mostly because it was made with her hands.

She gave the shawl to me on the day of my soon to be daughter-in-law’s bridal shower, after all the guests had left. Our other bestie and my two sisters were there for the presentation. It was a celebration fit for a princess—which is how I feel every time I wear it. Royalty.

Everyone should have a friend like her.

Sure hope Kate does.


Me and my besties. I’m the brunette-(like Kate), LB is in the middle and the knitter, Marlene is the blonde.


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3 Responses to Kate Middleton and Me…..and Our Shawl

  1. Kim akin says:


  2. Ali McCown says:

    Thankful for the Lord bringing you such sweet friends to fill that gaping hole… and oh so thankful that one of your precious sisters is exactly that kind of treasure in my life! To quote her, “Priceless!” Your wonderful family has blessed so many… and the ripples of blessings continue! Ali

  3. Kim C Ill says:

    We are truly blessed to have friends that pray for one another daily. And then to have friends that knit one and pearl two….well…they hold us together in soooo many different ways. I praise God for these girls and their sweet gifts & talents. I have been cloaked in their stitches of friendship, love & grace, laughter & tears, blood & sweat, prayers & petitions….and they along with a few other girls have reminded me I AM THE DAUGHTER OF THE KING. Kate is not the only royal around here. 🙂

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