Love Me Some Duck Dynasty

  • It’s no secret to those who know us…our family is crazy for Duck Dynasty. How could we not be little nuts about a family of duck hunters when the name of our farm is Mallard’s Run? (Just to set the record straight…it was named that because of a pair of Mallard ducks that nested every spring in the stream in front of our house….not because we kept them on the run!) As fans we have bought our share of Duck Dynasty paraphernalia and my iPhone ring tone is a duck quacking. Seriously.The first time I saw this show, I did not know what I was looking at. It was the episode where the daughter in laws were helping make Miss Kay (their mother in law) some pretty aprons. Daughter in laws loving their mother in law…this was a show I could get behind!

    My daughter in law and my other son’s girlfriends called me Miss Steph long before there was a Miss Kay on the telly. I hope they don’t stop when the grand kids come and I get the last name I’ll get on this earth, from my grandbabies.

    Similarities abound between me and Miss Kay:

    1-We both gave birth to only male children. (I have 3, she has 4—we both have one son who is a pastor.)

    2-We both love to cook. (Count me out on squirrel brains and frog legs, though.)

    3-We both know how to get what we want from our men. (Watch the show to figure that one out.)

    4-We both love a bunch of men who live for hunting season. (My guys watch for camo patterns on the Robertsons like I watch the Real Housewives of OC.)

    The crazy antics of this A & E show are mostly corny and contrived by the show’s producers, but aside from the set up-the family is allowed a lot of freedom of expression. Which I know drive the wacky folks at PETA nuts…especially when you get the Robertson men discussing their visceral hatred of beavers and the great lengths they go to trying to eradicate them. All of those explosions and Uncle Si’s bomb making must have them on every NSA and ATF watch list around.

    And I kinda love that about them. I think one of my boys is on that list too. (Google tannerite.)

    I love the way they put their faith in Christ out there, with a “cancel our show if you want to but we’re not shutting up” swagger. I love that they don’t try to appease everyone.


    There I said it. Feel much better.

    And while these Louisiana duck men and their brood are passionate about their faith, they are gracious to a fault to those who hate them and wish they would just go away. I mean, how annoying is it for liberal America to have the most beloved family in the country not living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?

    Ok, I’m stopping.

    Case in point: This past week when the season premiere of Duck Dynasty aired, the whole Robertson family was in NYC for the rounds on entertainment and new channels. It was reported that Jase Robertson, one of the sons, was kicked out of Trump Hotel because of his long beard and wearing camo. He was escorted out the back door by one of Donald’s employees.

    God help that man when the Donald gets a hold of him.

    In an interview about the event, Jase joked that he was the victim of “facial profiling” and hoped the employee would not be treated harshly. I just love gracious people. Folks who don’t jump up and down and demand apologies or Secret Service investigations because there was a misunderstanding.

    I promise I’ll stop now.

    No one knows how long this family will stay at the top of the ratings charts. They know that this is only a season of their lives and they are determined to live out their faith in God and love for each other in an authentic and endearing way for as long as the show is renewed. That makes me happy, happy, happy.

    America is loving it. I’m happy for Miss Kay and her clan. And for us. As Phil Robertson would say,”There’s hope for America!”

    I pray so.


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5 Responses to Love Me Some Duck Dynasty

  1. Terry Cox says:

    Great job on the blog. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Kim C Ill says:

    Any show where they love JESUS & GUNS ….is a show worth watching !

  3. Patti says:

    I’m with you girl – I love me some Duck Dynasty! I watch the “marathons” and laugh every time, even though I have seen each episode at least a dozen times! I love the way they are real people. My daughter saw John Luke in Nashville. She asked him if he indeed was John Luke and could she have her picture made with him. He apologized and told her he was sorry “ma’am” but he wasn’t allowed. She is 21. What a nice, young gentleman! Not some stuck on himself actor. I once waited in line with my youngest daughter for over 4 hours to get an autograph pic of Demi Lavato. When our turn finally arrived, we were herded through the line and could stop just long enough to quickly grab the pic off the table. That’s hollywood! Duck Dynasty is down to earth and sweet! Enough said! Love the blog Stephanie!

    • Gritsgal says:

      Patti- someone just sent me a card of encouragement that had all the ladies of DD in pink camo….with a Bible verse! Loved it!

  4. Laura Beth says:

    Your love for these men shine through in such a glowing tribute! Okay, I’ll watch an episode…

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