Labor Day

My first child was born 30 years ago on Labor Day weekend.

How appropriate.

Actually, there was very little actual labor involved because I quickly developed a condition called abruptio placenta, which means the placenta separated from the wall of the uterus causing massive hemorrhage and distress to our baby. Thankfully we were already at the hospital when this happened so it was a nifty emergency trip to the OR where I was put to sleep to receive a hurry up C-section.

This was back in the olden days before we could find out the sex of the baby prior to birth. We just had to wait it out and be surprised.

Boy, were we.

I woke in recovery to see my hub holding the most beautiful baby, with a head full of dark hair. I was instantly in love and obsessed with this new human-I could have cared less how he made his entrance into the world. He was here and he was mine!

Let me stop right here to encourage any pregnant gal who is facing a C-section….embrace this. It is a gift. It is the easiest way in the world to deliver a baby.

Hands down.

The recovery is, of course, more involved…but you are spared hours of pain and suffering and screaming. Good trade.

I was given the option of having a VBAC (vaginal birth after CSection) with my second child. I politely declined, whipped out my Daytimer and scheduled the birthday of #2 in an organized, civilized manner. It was 2 weeks before his due date. Delivering early is the dream of every pregnant woman over 36 weeks gestation. Can I get an amen?

C- sections.

The preferred birthing method of uber control freaks, like me. It fits us to a T. As a nurse, surgical pain made sense to me, I could handle that. Today- with 3 grown kids, I have often wondered if I could have done the pain thing and the he-he-he breathing thing and not killed everyone around me.

God only knows.

One of my sisters aspired to deliver completely natural-without any pain meds. She almost made it with child #1, but with an extended delivery, gave into an epidural and felt defeated. With baby # 2, she had the help of a friend who was a birth coach, and made it all the way. No drugs at all. Her first words after it was over: “That was the stupidest thing I have EVER done.”

Truer words were never spoken. When she went in for child # 3, she told them up front: Have my epidural ready when I hit 7. Every mother knows exactly what that means.

Also…another plus of C-sections: babies with beautiful round heads- no cone heads for you, sweet sister.

My best friend’s DIL delivered her second baby a few months ago. This gal is made for birthing because 2 pushes and …”Hello, there.” I think even a control freak like me might could do that.


I’ve been a little nostalgic as my eldest turned 30. His birth proved to be a life- changing event in more ways than I ever dreamed on that hot, late summer weekend.

And I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

This Labor Day had us working around the farm. We finally cleaned out the root cellar (which should have been done in the spring and we paid dearly that is wasn’t), and tossed all the summer container plants to make room for mums and pumpkins.

A true Labor Day weekend!

Hope yours was great!



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