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Thanksgiving Mojo

It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and I’m sitting down to take a deep breath before all the crazy starts. Crazy in a good way, of course. Right? My beautiful fall candle is burning a festive fragrance and the afternoon shadows … Continue reading

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Labor Day

My first child was born 30 years ago on Labor Day weekend. How appropriate. Actually, there was very little actual labor involved because I quickly developed a condition called abruptio placenta, which means the placenta separated from the wall of … Continue reading

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What Now (Part 2)

As promised, dear friends, here is part 2 of What Now. How can we move on and upward following one of life’s hardest transitions? I will share this with you: it is of vital importance that you learn to do … Continue reading

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What Now? (Part 1)

Move in day is over. All the dorm stuff that had been clogging every orifice of your home is now safely ensconced at the dorm/apartment where your child resides. You lived through the final good-byes and the quiet ride home. … Continue reading

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Meet Me on the Dance Floor

One of my best friend’s sons got married this weekend. It was a beautiful evening and the reception was a blast. One of my favorite parts of any reception is the dancing. I love to dance at weddings. I especially … Continue reading

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On Our Own….Again

Whew, we made it. Through the first night of real, forever, lifetime empty nesting. After a few years of trial empty nesting (college years, #3 working in NY for part of the week, then home on weekends) and with all … Continue reading

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The Ministry of Chicken Pot Pie

I come from a long line of comforters. Mostly through my mom’s side…the Simmons were/are great comfort – givers. My nanny, my mom, Aunt Paula and even the gals that married my uncles are great at dishing out love and … Continue reading

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